18 June 2014

Costa Rica: best holiday destination

Planning your next holiday vacation?

Look no further, and visit Costa Rica. According to a recent Global Survey, Costa Rica was ranked first as the recommended destination for your next holiday vacation.

With active volcanoes, stunning rain forests, world-class beaches, great weather, sloths, and plenty of adventure activities, we have something for every taste.  Tourists love Costa Rica, and that is why it was named the most recommended tourism destination in the world.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can do an active vacation that includes rafting, canyoning (Canyoneering), mountain bike, trekking, canopy tours, kayaking, hiking, fishing, bird watching... You just need to decide the level of adventure that you want do have in your trip. Could be from a trip like the Escapade Adventure with the right balance of adventure and relax, with some days at the end at the lush Caribbean beaches, or something more extreme, like crossing Costa Rica from Coast to Coast in a 13 days Multi Sport challenge. For more information about our trips, please contact us.

The Global Tourism Monitor Survey asked 23,000 globetrotters from 26 countries where they had traveled during the previous 12 months and which destination they would more recommend based on their experience there. The report, released Monday, ranked the top 65 most recommended destinations.

Austria came in second, followed by Israel, New Zealand and Italy.

Ukraine, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Tunisia were the five least recommended destinations, according to the survey conducted by BDRC Continental.

While Costa Rica placed atop the list of most recommended destination, no other Latin American country made the top 10.

Latin America and the Caribbean placed among the least popular regions with only 6 percent of respondents saying they were “seriously” planning to travel to the region. Europe ranked the highest among potential travelers with 43 percent planning to travel there, followed by 27 percent in the Asian Pacific. Only 4 percent said they planned to take their holiday in Africa or the Middle East.

Costa Rica received a record-breaking 2.4 million tourists during 2013, according to the Costa Rican Tourism Board.

Here’s the list of the top 10 most recommended destinations (with a three-way tie for 10th place):

1. Costa Rica
2. Austria
3. Israel
4. New Zealand
5. Italy
6. Japan
7. Croatia
8. USA
9. Norway
10. Canada
10. Greece
10. United Kingdom

…and the 10 least recommended:

56. Bulgaria
57. Russia
58. Albania
59. Cambodia
60. India
61. Ukraine
62. Malaysia
63. China
64. Indonesia
65. Tunisia

12 July 2012

Prepare Costarrican Ceviche, home style

We will teach you how to prepare Ceviche de Pescado (Fish Ceviche), with our own recipe, so you can prepare the real costarrican home style Ceviche.

Please go to a place where you can buy some fresh fish, and try to buy something that is a white color fish. The one we use is Corvina Reina ( Sea Bass is supposed to be the term in english, but you can try to see if there is a better translation there...  )  Ask for 1 kg / 2 lb of filets.

Buy also, white onions, cilantro, red sweet pepers, a little bit of celery, and a little bit of fresh garlic. Try to find fresh lemons, as similar as the lemons that you saw here. We use Limon Mandarina or Limon Mesino. Just google it...

At home with a really clean cutting board and a big knive cut the fish into dices, around 1x1 cm more or less. Put all the fish in a big pyrex glass container or similar. If not stainless steel could work.

Put the lemon, the bit of garlic and salt to your taste, for 45 minutes to an hour, in the fridge, with a lid. You need to put enogh lemon to cover the fish. Not more than that.

Put as much from all of the rest of ingredients. Cut them as fine as you want, normally fine cutting.

Check the ammount of salt....

Put everything again to the fridge for at least one more hour. You will see how the fish will change coloration into white. At least you  need to marinate for two hours before eating.

You can even prepare the ceviche from the night before, to have it ready for lunch.

If your visitors ask you can tell them that the fish is "cook on lemon".

If you want to reduce the acidity flavor you can use about 2 - 3 oz of Ginger Ale

Enjoy and please let us know how was it!!!

17 June 2012

Diving plus Adventure Trip in Costa Rica

We are back in Drake after we just had four amazing dives at Isla del Caño: the first one on Friday was at El Jardin ( the garden ) then we went to Bajo del Diablo ( Devils bottom ). We saw over a dozen of white tip reef sharks, yellow fin tuna, barracudas, goat fish, moray eel, box fish, parrot fish and many more. On our way to the Island we saw spotted and bottle neck dolphins.

We went back again on Saturday for two more divings: first at Barco Hundido and then we went back to Bajo del Diablo.

Ya estamos de regreso en Drake después de cuatro muy buenos buceos en Isla del Caño: el primero del Viernes fue en El Jardín y luego buceamos en el Bajo del Diablo. Vimos mas de una docena de tiburón punta blanca, atún aleta amarilla, barracudas, loros y muchos mas. De camino a la isla vimos delfines manchados y nariz de botella.

El sabado regresamos por dos buceos mas en Barco Hundido y nuevamente en el Bajo del Diablo.

01 May 2012

Trekking Expedition to Cerro Kamuk 2012

Kamuk Trekking Expedition 2012 At Outdoor Adventures, we recently had a trekking expedition to Cerro Kamuk, one of the most intense treks that you can do in Costa Rica.

 Kamuk mountain is located in the Talamanca Mountain Range, close to the border with Panama. It is part of the Parque Internacional La Amistad, a "National Park" that actually spans over the two countries: Costa Rica and Panama. Kamuk is the 8th highest mountain of Costa Rica with 3549 meters ( 11643 ft ).

Normally you need to drive all the way from San Jose, to the southern part of the country using the Interamerican Highway. Afterwards we need to drive in a gravel road to a small town and from there drive up hill in a muddy road to a small place of just 5 houses. Here we will spend our night, arrange all the group gear and the food and get ready because next day we leave with the first rays of light. The regular trekking trip is 5 days total, walking up and down of many mountains that we have to cross in order to get to the summit. Just to give you an idea, there is one section that is called "27 Colinas" (27 hills).

In this trip that we did in April, we arrange the expedition to do it in 4 days, so we where required to hike on day one of the hike all the way to Camp 2, a little bit over 16 km, but took us 11:30 hours to complete it, because of the fully loaded packs with 19 kg. On day 2 we went from Camp 2 to Camp 3, located at an elevation of 3325 meters, but we cross many other mountains over 3000 meters on the way. We had an amazing sunset that afternoon, that compared to the awful rainy weather of previous week, we where just lucky!! Even the summit was clear, allowing us to make really nice pictures from the base of the mountain.

At 4:00 AM on day 3 we start walking with the idea of being at the summit of Kamuk right for the first rays of light. After 1 hour of walking we arrive just in time to get some pictures of all the mountains around before sunrise, and then enjoy the full scenery from the top of Kamuk as the first lights started to color everything 360 degrees around us. We where able to see both the Caribbean and the Pacific, as well as many mountains, including Volcan Barú in Panama (Panama highest), Cerro Chirripo (Costa Rica highest), Volcan Irazú and Volcan Turrialba, which is active right now and you can see the plume... Cerro de la Muerte, among many things that we did see. We completed 25 km all the way from the little village to the summit.
We returned to Camp 3 to dismantle camp and then hike back to Camp 2. A little bit of rain just before we arrived helped to cool down a little, but later on we had good weather. On day 4, we pack our things for the last day of hike all the way to town. Just after 1:00 pm we received the first real rain, and actually it was big shower for two hours, until we arrived. The total distance that we trek was 50 km with a vertical gain of 4200 meters and a total descent of 4170.

If you are interested in joining Outdoor Adventures to trek Kamuk, we have set our dates for next season: February: 6 to 12, 2013 March: 10 to 16, 2013 April: 14 to 20, 2013 Note: We don't have dates for January 2013 because we have on schedule the Coast to Coast Multi-Sport trip, where you cross from the Pacific to the Caribbean in a self propelled adventure that includes: hiking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. Dates for this trip are January 4 to 16, 2013. Kamuk Trekking facts:

Distancia Total - Total Distance: 50 km, Ascenso total - Total Ascent 4200 metros, descenso total - Total Descent: 4170 metros
Gira normal: 5 días, realizada en 4 días. Salimos con 19 kg cada uno desde Tres Colinas.
Regular trip: 5 days, but we did it in 4 days. We started with a 19 kg packs each from Tres Colinas
Dia 1: Tres Colinas (elev: 1750m) - Campamento 2 (elev: 2787m): 16.33 km, Ascenso 1579 m, descenso 861m
Dia 2: Campamento 2 - Campamento 3 (elev: 3325m): 6.4 km, ascenso 870m, descenso 477m
Dia 3: Campamento 3 - Cima Cerro Kamuk: 2.37 km, ascenso 286m, descenso 82
Cima Cerro Kamuk - Campamento 3: 1.94 km, ascenso 72, descenso 323m
Campamento 3 - Campamento 2: 6.96 km ascenso 518m, descenso 880m
Dia 4: Campamento 2 - Tres Colinas: 16.1 km, ascenso 875, descenso 1547m
Datos según GPS Garmin 62Csx

 Kamuk Trekking expedition - Image Gallery

01 March 2012

Rutas para MTB y Trail Running en Rincon de la Vieja

Recientemente Outdoor Adventures estuvo realizando el mapeo de los senderos existentes en Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin, con el fin de tener información sobre las distancias y recorridos disponibles para poder practicar Mountain Bike (MTB), Trail Running y por supuesto caminatas y cabalgatas.

En total se lograron mapear gran parte de todos los senderos existentes,tratando de unir los senderos con recorridos agradables para personas en diferentes niveles de experiencia.

Si desea conocer más de Hotel Hacienda Guacipelin, lo invitamos a visitar este increible lugar, localizado justo en el límite del Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja, Sector Las Pailas. Puede ingresar a www.guachipelin.com

Los mapas de rutas para Mountain Bike y carreras en sendero puede encontrarlos en el Album en FB: Rutas para MTB, Trail running y Hiking 

Si tiene alguna consulta sobre  estas rutas o necesita un trabajo similar, no dude en contactarnos.

Mauricio Odio
Outdoor Adventures 

20 May 2009

Hiking to Cerro Chato

Hiking to Cerro Chato Volcano, in Costa Rica. With 1100 m. above sea level, the Cerro Chato Volcano is the older brother of the active and magnificent Arenal Volcano.

Cerro Chato is near the town of La Fortuna, from where you can make a nice hike all the way to the top of this dormant volcano, where you have stuning views of Volcan Arenal, to later descent to the lagoon directly inside the crater of Cerro Chato.

For more information about this and other Expeditions and Adventure Trips from Outdoor Adventures, visit http://www.outdooradventures.cr/

25 April 2009


We created this space directly for you.... the traveler, backpacker, mountaineer, .... as you prefer to call yourself.... that like to move around the world... visiting places, and doing adventure activities like trekking, hiking, canyoneering, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing... and off course, meeting people and making friends that last for years...

We will include in this blog articles about places to visit in Costa Rica, activities to do, information about animals that you can see, or that we spotted recently during our trips. In that way, you may have an idea of what to do or what to see during your next trip to Costa Rica. Our expertise is with Expeditions and Adventure Trips, but we will also talk about other type of activities!!

With this space, you can make questions or comments about traveling around Costa Rica. It will be our pleasure to share the knowledge that we developed traveling extensively throughout the whole country for many years... because, Us, the locals are the ones that really know this beautifull paradise. Our whole staff will be answering all your questions!!!

Thanks to all the friends that already visited us over the past years... We hope to receive more and more people every day, and continue to make more friends from all over the world...

Hope to see you again soon

Pura Vida!!!!!

Mauricio Odio
Outdoor Adventures
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